Alaska travel photography Exit Glacier view

I went on a photography-oriented RV trip with J and his family. We roamed Alaska from Juneau to Fairbanks.

Alaska travel photography lighthouse ferry Juneau

Not much here. Lots of bald eagles and some tourist traps for the cruise ships.

Skagway to Fairbanks

Alaska travel photography Skagway Fairbanks road mountains view

Lots of driving, dense forest, mosquitos.


Alaska travel photography Denali road view

Denali - mountain and park - were very impressive. Would be a great place to go backpacking.


Alaska travel photography Tsunami Evacuation Route sign

Anchorage doesn't have much. There's some foul-smelling mud when the tide goes out.
Kenai, Exit Glacier

Alaska travel photography Exit Glacier view

Kenai was the highlight of the trip. The weather was great and we checked out all the perspectives of a glacier - from the endless ice field above to calving in the bay. J and I ran into a bear on one of the hikes. We survived thanks to talking to it in a calm voice.

Alaska travel photography rain forest leaf macro

I borrowed a macro lens for the northernmost rainforest in (America? Western hemisphere?).