SanDisk Sansa mp3 player

SanDisk Sansa MP3 Player

Santa brought me the four gig e260. It's compact (i.e. very portable/small screen).

Design: Small, sleek, solid.
Interface: The software is excellent. Very intuitive, virtually
every option I could hope for. The requisite scroll wheel is a bit
tall (taking feel away from the up/down/left/right buttons), but
completely liveable.
Components: Flash memory, solid state, superb. Sharp, colorful
screen. Thus far it seems to have a great battery life. But wait, it
can only be charged via USB. Argh! Quite a shot to portability and
battery life, oh well.
Performance: I've gotten a couple ten second-ish hangs, hmm.

Skagen watch

Skagen Black Titanium Watch

Sexy sexy sexy. Simple, black, very thin. Ti with with a stainless steel chain link band.


yeah baby. the watch is definitely sexy. think it might help you. =) j/k.