This might matter to you if you live in San Diego. Sorrento Valley Road, at the top of the hill between I-5 and Camino Santa Fe.
There's a very small cul-de-sac on the westbound side. Three times in the past two months I've seen bike officers standing on the sidewalk shooting radar. They're very hard to see even if you know what you're looking for. This morning was the most recent time. Each time has been commuting to work.
In the past three months I've once seen a car at the bottom of that hill and once at the top, going after eastbound traffic.

Update (01/10/2007): There again this morning. Also on the hill were two Lambos and a Ferrari, probably some Symbolic employees. I know I wouldn't be able to resist the temptation.
Update (01/12/2007): Three this morning. Wow.
Update (01/18/2007): Yup, today too.
Update (01/19/2007): Again. Maybe motorcycle cops have been tasked with singlehandedly solving San Diego's financial problems.
Update (01/25/2007): This time on the island, sneaky.
Update (01/31/2007): Uh huh.
Update (02/15/2007): Back at it.
Update (03/20/2007): Two bikes in the normal spot, two at the park east of Santa Fe, and a cruiser at the bottom of the hill, though probably not on traffic.
Update (04/03/2007): They nailed someone coming eastbound.
Update (04/25/2007): In the parking lot just east of the normal spot.
Update (04/26/2007): Got someone eastbound way out by Ruiz. Maybe shot radar from the park.
Update (05/03/2007): Poor eastbound M3 got caught.
Update (05/14/2007): Hiding out in the same place but with road work going on.


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