They're engaged. Shot some photos. Fell out of a tree. You know the drill.

In other news I have two dates to KO's wedding, my softball team tied, Kate from Lost took off her pants, and I'm going to make waffles.


oh how the tables have turned.

Yeah, you can hold onto our purses. I'm all for that.

well... we could keep you around to hold our purses, scope out action from above, and get us drinks, fend off crazies... and at the end of the night, be our chauffeur. I have to double check with my other half whether to keep you or not.


Both your parents would never allow it. There's gotta be a dude involved somewhere.

I don't share. Heids is all mine.


You tap that ass of you and me?

You didn't even ask WTF or myself. Sorry, dude, you know what they say when you assume.