Dog weimaraner puppy attentive

Today I actually put in some effort into dog photos, not that I need any more up here but Connie made me do it. So I switched up lenses, flashes, filters, and backdrops. The yellow filter seemed to work the best for black and whites. I tried a wide range of poses...

Dog weimaraner puppy edited


Dog weimaraner puppy cute


Dog weimaraner puppy derpy look black and white monochrome


Dog weimaraner puppy running grainy motion blur dark


Dog weimaraner puppy

Looking up.


Christine has been waiting for more photos. Not wild about the terminator filter photos.


He doesn't wear a stupid hat like Goofy! The nibbling has diminished a bit but I'm sure he'd make an exception for you.

Is he still nibbling on people hands??

Much better CR!! Kafey does look like a Goofey. I still think you shoulda named him Goofey. Love the photos of the little tyke!