Last weekend was Connie's shower. Since two thirds of the organizers were dudes, it was reasonably palatable for Ryan and the numerous male invitees.

Decorations were in abundance and we played a lightning round of baby taboo.

We bought a lot of food, but the highlight was Jes's fondant ducks that nobody wanted to destroy by eating.

Presents, yeah.

I did a quick shoot beforehand to make a 12x18 that guests could sign.

Dog weimaraner Christmas tree living room

This evening the roomies and I got a tree.

Divinity Original Sin bear archery bow

Dragon Age is still quite entertaining, it's a vast game.

Divinity Original Sin dragon


Why does your knight have a sword for a penis?

The duckies were simply too cute to eat. I have to admit. I felt bad for taking its head off.

Are you baking cookies by way of the fireplace? Are those baking trays?

We opened Pandora's box - males plan and execute equivalent or superior baby showers.

I think I've found my calling in making edible animals out of vegetarian materials.


I was surprised as you, B. I suppose it could work as a grounding antenna in a pinch.

Yes cupcake holders are nice. I almost bought one.

Humans have an invention whose sole purpose is to hold cupcakes?