Camping firepit chairs night

Cheryl booked us a coveted camp rv site in San Clemente.

Camping tents light strings night

The added amenities meant convenient water and an electrical outlet. People thought our Christmas lights were awesome, look for it to be big in '10. I just brought them for fun photo effects.

We didn't let accommodations prevent enjoying what little playoff action there was to be had. Wow playoffs, wow.

Dog weimaraner camping stick tug of war night lights

The dog had a great time:

I paddled out at Calafia. The water wasn't too bad, but there were a lot of waves reflecting off the shore like Fletcher's at high tide. The strangest thing was watching five foot diameter tumbleweed roll down the shore.

I saw this on the freeway last week. Didn't expect it to end like...

Aston Martin freeway

Scared the living daylights out of me. /Poorly shoehorned.


I believe it is San Cle, get it right

Where is the MASS EFFECT 2 post?


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