Fantasy draft bean bag chair names players

B hosted the second annual Medieval Gridiron live draft at his new place in Corona. It was hot. Like really hot.

Everyone had their own idea of a predraft cram session, but when the action started it was all intensity.

Fantasy football live draft

I drew tenth of fourteen.
1. DeAngelo Williams - Picked him over Shonn Greene, Steven Jackson, and Joseph Addai. Hope that pans out. (Last year he was round 1)
2. Calvin Johnson - Lions can't get shut out every week. (2)
3. Brandon Jacobs - Not my ideal second running back, but hopefully solid. (1)
4. Clinton Portis - Go Washington with their ancient, talented RBs and QB. They could flop horribly, but Shanahan knows how to make things happen. Of course with three dinosaurs running the ball there'll be a lot of sharing, but I think Portis will be the standout. (2)
5. Tony Gonzalez - TG does not disappoint. By this round I had my RB corps, a high end receiver, and there were no top tier QBs left. (4)
6. Carson Palmer - Cincy has enough weapons that he could be a surprise this year. (6)
7. T.J. Houshmandzadeh - My top prospect to duke it out for the number two WR spot. I'm neglecting that position a bit, but I can't expect to have Wayne, Moss, and Johnsons (Calvin and Andre) every year. (3)
8. Darren McFadden - We'll see if he can beat Bush for the starting job, and if Oakland can bring game. (4)
9. Eddie Royal - With Marshall gone Royal is Denver's WR. They may be horrible, but they'll still pass. (6)
10. Larry Johnson - Washington could be on their fourth string RB by week two, so Johnson was cheap Portis insurance. (5)
11. Bears D - Hopefully I can't go wrong here. Urlacher and Hester FTW. (11)
12. David Buehler - High scoring team with a qb that overthrows his receivers on occasion, under a dome. (-)