Utah ATVing view

Photo by Jon C.

There was some attrition of motorcycle gear during the Utah expedition. Knowledge was gained though. Side-by-sides are all kinds of fun on dirt. And I still suspect that quads are the first wave of the Machine Insurrection.

Scorpion helmets new crashed

The Exo-400 met a roll bar so it had to be put to pasture with the red one. I upgraded to the Scorpion Exo-700 in Anthracite Matte. It looks and feels about the same as the 400.

Joe Rocket gauntlet gloves Scorpion helmet stickers

I also hit up New Enough, ahem, motorcyclegear.com for Joe Rocket Speedmaster 8.0 gloves. My AGV Sport (not affiliated with AGV) gloves split at a seam during the trip, though they weren't old nor mishandled. It's hard to go back to flimsy mesh gloves after stiff track gauntlets, so I taped up the old ones and bought the Rockets.

Also on the way is a sander and planer for upcoming deck work, Halo Edition Risk, and the Tiella cable lights for the kitchen.