Pool party nerf gun floatie motorcycle helmet

Wednesday the sixth was e3 for me and the mforma guys. Hands down the most anticipated attraction for me was Borderlands 2. Thanks to Chris (aka zombiepancakes), we got a spot in the vip demo with no waiting. The sequel looks to have much better production quality without messing with series' excellent rpg/shooter formula.

Not much else going on. New installments of COD, BF, Forza, Halo... zzzzz.

I tried to get photos with the best of the booth babes.

Before that the League of Sport did volleyball and a pool party/cookout for Memorial Day. The weather was great but had everyone dead tired after two hours in the sand.

Nerf gun Russian roulette suicide headshot pool party

Erik's backyard saw some conversin', waterslidin', nerf russian roulettin', and general good times.