Dodgeball getting lit up

Lots going on the past couple weeks, but when is there not?

The bathroom has a floor; grey marble pieces. Wall tiles are in, tile saw too. So soon enough work will continue. At Ted's suggestion I moved the light switch outside the bathroom where it will be next to the vanity switch and way more code. This also means I can put a sliding door on the inside of the bathroom and not worry about it occluding anything.


The League of Sport did dodgeball a couple weeks ago, followed by some swimming, pizza, and beer.

And the weekend before was Cheryl's 30th (party bus!) and the Medieval Gridiron draft.

Speaking of fantasy, I'm .500 on the aggregate! D'brickabows are undefeated, but LRR makes poor, poor choices (has all the right tools though). D'brawlers are ready to reclaim the title, while bazooko's circus is still figuring out bizarro league scoring.

Last week was mostly Borderlands 2. J and I gunned through two epic playthroughs, then Ty and Kevin and I had a go at three player. Excellent.