Surfing surf photography Del Mar clean right

I finally took the housing out on the water with the sun up.

Scott and Derrick showed up to 7th for a super clean, warm day.

Surfing surf photography Del Mar right

Naturally, shooting daytime is much easier than the night. I was able to paddle around with the big, heavy rig using bodysurfing fins (I wouldn't want dive fins). About midway through the session it got a bit more difficult to stay in position. Not sure what to do about it, although there was a pretty strong current.

Since I was caught inside for part of it, some of these are cropped.


Surfing surf photography Del Mar focus is hard

I used evaluative focus so I could shoot from the hip - er, water level. Unfortunately it only selected the correct screen about 1/3 of the time. Next shoot I think I'll switch center-weighted evaluative and using the viewfinder.

Here are some more shots where evaluative decided to focus on water rather than surfer:

Other challenges

Surfing surf photography Del Mar

Focus aside, I still seemed to frequently get internal refraction resulting in fuzzy shots. This is probably just a hazard of shooting above water in a housing, but I'll look into it. Maybe shooting with a longer lens will help this and I should pick up the 105mm dome.

S'more (you know, might work as a phone wallpaper):


Surfing surf photography Del Mar

I wasn't going to shoot any randos cause you don't want to upset your models (total divas). But the sentiments on the water were pretty chummy so I snapped a few.

Rando gallery: