Fallout 4

Fallout 4 power armor settlement

At long last we can crawl the postapocalyptic wasteland again, Fallout 4 is here. I haven't played all that much of it, and it's taken awhile to settle back into the gameplay style.

I'm sort of just button mashing my way through the adventuring, here is a taste:

(Nothing special, just initial gameplay action.)

Fallout 4 screenshot Back Alley Bowling

The game looks great, with a few caveats:
Fallout 4 vats feral ghoul roamer Dogmeat

Like Fallout 3, the combat system is extremely unforgiving at lower levels. I expect things will get easier as I level and put less skill points into lockpicking and crafting.

Fallout 4 screenshot diner

The signature Fallout retrofuturistic style and alternate timeline really flourish in the new installment. Polygons and lighting go a long way.

The other characteristic of the series is the dark humor of Vault-Tec instructionals.

Fallout comic ctrl alt del

Source: http://i.imgur.com/l1Ss70M.jpg

The most discussed feature Fallout 4 is the construction/customization of ally camps throughout the wasteland. It feels a bit like the Mass Effect 3 war asset gathering that was supposed to help you in the final battle. I'm not sure how it will play out and am avoiding spoilers for the moment.

Fallout 4 screenshot settlement construction Fix Er Upper achievement

On the whole, though, this one plays much like Fallout 3 and quite a bit like Skyrim. It's great to have more of a good thing (and prettier), but considering the innovation that went into Fallout 3, the fourth is lacking.

Turkey Bowl

The Thanksgiving(-ish) flag football game is fast becoming a tradition. Starting last year we decided to theme it like we were still in grade school and wear really lame Pilgrim/Indian costumes.

The home team won it, zone defense prevailed in a packed 7v7 matchup.
Some more Planetside caps