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Since the futon is semi-permanently relocated to the guest bedroom, I decided to renovate the closets that used to just hang out behind it. Floor, walls, shelves. Now I have decent game storage and a surfboard check.

San Diego surf choppy Fletchers Cove

King tide was on Thanksgiving morning. Fletcher's was pretty high even two hours later.

I made it down to Diamond City (Fenway) in Fallout. Towns really are a highlight of the western-style rpg.

Although they render basic weapons useless (except as building materials), legendaries are an awesome new feature.

Fallout 4 VATS critical feral ghoul screenshot
The most useful one so far has been explosive rounds.

The settlement feature has grown on me significantly since I learned to establish trade routes. And that walls are actually functional. Thanks Red Mage. It does make the Commonwealth feel much more like friendly territory than the DC wasteland of Fallout 3. I expect this is intentional, as I think I'll soon be choosing sides in a three-way war, and it'll be a tougher decision if I actually have NPC buddies to look out for. This being in contrast to Fallout 3's endgame decision, "Purify the water, save everyone? Meh, they're all assholes anyway."

Fallout 4 Nick Valentine dialogue cinema

I like that you getting bonus effects for maxing out companion happiness. Piper's went pretty quick (thankfully), I hope Valentine's is worth looking police stations all over the map.

What's a Fallout game without a trippy paranormal experience? Nothing, I say.

There's no shortage of grim, postapocalyptic brutality. But every environment you stumble across has some sort of story that incorporates level design and the lore that you discover in computers and documents.

I'm always inclined to end encounters with, "Do we have a problem?" So much for persuasion xp.

The more you crawl the Commonwealth, the more you find nods, low brow humor, and wtf moments.

After a decent Planetside 2 stint, J and I are back to The Handsome Collection to take a run at Digistruct Tower.