Warframe Halloween event pumpkin enemy

Halloween badminton

This year's Cooley Halloween party was preceded by the first League of Sport costume badminton.

Halloween Murica redneck costume PBR

Both events worked out well, Alfonso won best costume.


Friendsgiving was in Vegas.
Turkey Bowl

Sunday was the annual Pilgrims-Indians Turkey Bowl. After stumbling early, the Pilgrims won it on many, many Saam picks.

New frames

Warframe has opened up quite a bit for me and J. I've added Wukong, Nekros, Oberon, Frost, and Mirage to the stable. We both got Nova Prime just before it went into the vault.

I've gone full crazy mode with a multishot Kulstar (mirving rocket launcher sidearm). When you add four Mirage Hall of Mirrors dupes to the mix, you're basically carpet bombing sections of the map. It's a bit suicidal though.

The Halloween event was a nice touch, Digital Extremes seems committed to keeping the content coming.

To Skellige

Witcher Dandelion crossbow

After Friendsgiving I got a good Witcher session in (and no barfed discs!). Did a couple things at about level-10. Won the Novigrad high stakes Gwent tournament. Then did the master blacksmith sidequest, relying on jedi-mind-tricking NPCs to do the combat I was way underleveled for.


Risk Legacy board

We're nine or ten games in to Risk Legacy. It's an interesting map. The world capital is in Africa, which is tough to hold. Australia is slightly hostile to mutants and very hostile to normies. The fallout zone in Iceland pins the Americas in pretty well.

Helldiver IPA tap bomb

Helldiver IPA.

Surfboard stashed Union Encinitas