Storypost | 2016.12.31

Driving I5 south weimaraner lapdog

Between the Jeffsea xmas sweater party and being recruited to photo a couple of Christmas cards, seasonal garb has been in full effect.

Holiday sweater party Holiday photos Holiday photos
Quick trips

Holiday tasting Good Beer Company

Derrick +1ed me to the Good Beer Company holiday shindig. They primarily do sours and saisons, but had some other stuff on tap.

Whiteout driving highway Idaho Barbecuing in the snow Jakers steak

Idaho has been cold. Like down to 2-fahrenheit cold. Didn't stop Shane from grilling up some sausages though. It also helps to be killing it on the project and thereby having a hefty dinner budget.

Drive driving I5 Grapevine LA snow

Of course there was the annual xmas trip to NorCal - with a brunch stopover in La Crescenta. The Grapevine had received a dusting, so of course a bunch of people came up from the city and parked on the I-5 shoulder to marvel. Otherwise the drive went pretty smooth.

Road trip Road trip Wine tasting

Rob shot some StD photos for us. I took a hack at the graphics work...

Save the Date proofs STD

We also played a couple rounds of Dead of Winter. It's a cooperative Arkham Horror-like game but with zombies. Each game also has the potential for a traitor, though unlike Betrayal you're it from the start.

Qualcomm Jack Murphy Stadium panorama

Randy hooked it up with tickets to the Raiders game in SD. It was a good game.

thumbnail Raiders Chargers game Oakland thumbnail Raiders Chargers game thumbnail Raiders Chargers game skydivers thumbnail Raiders Chargers game Qualcomm Stadium
thumbnail Raiders Chargers game Qualcomm stadium

Santa brought Jes a couple sound systems so she doesn't have to rock out on the iphone speaker. There's a 2.1 system in the bedroom that goes with the Roku and a two-zone set of speakers in the kitchen/common area.

TV Kitchen audio system Garage pirate flag
Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 loading screen

J and I have jumped into loading simulator or, as it is affectionately known, Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 zeppelin lower turret Shooter394 Hunter 21 ystef8

The case as been made elsewhere that it's basically Battlefront in early-20th century garb (I hear wearing an onion on your belt was the style at the time). This isn't too far from my experience. Both games are gorgeous, well-tested, and extremely difficult as a casual.

Battlefield 1 fire explosion

As usual with a AAA multiplayer title there are a handful of game modes, unlockables, skins, single player segments, etc.

The spawn system is pretty neat. You get an overhead view of the battle with your spawn options, when you select a location it zooms you there.

Battlefield 1 zeppelin HottyToddy2015 Derrell2448 Blober51

The franchise was practically founded on destructible terrain, it's no different here. The maps change over the course of a 30-ish minute battle, from destroyed buildings to weather to scarred earth.

Like GTA, part of the fun is taking vehicles off sweet jumps. Somehow crater-jumping on a motorbike actually increases the length of my average life.

Battlefield 1 landship turret

Of course, vehicles serve a more tactical purpose. Firepower and protection. There's a good variety of armored vehicles and glorified cars to choose from, alongwith aircraft, boats, and stationary weapons.

The coolest mechanic has to be the behemoths that spawn when one side is in bad shape. A zeppelin, armored train, or battleship can help turn the tide - although in practice if you're getting one of these your team is too crap for it to matter. Yes, the matchmaking isn't great, but at least you get to drive a blimp!

The air battles are pretty epic when combined with the atmospherics.

thumbnail Battlefield 1 modes thumbnail Battlefield 1 standoff thumbnail Battlefield 1 turret zeppelin
thumbnail Battlefield 1 armored car
thumbnail Battlefield 1 player statistics thumbnail Battlefield 1 turret zeppelin thumbnail Battlefield 1 sniping heavy tank
thumbnail Battlefield 1 narrow victory thumbnail Battlefield 1 turret zeppelin

I'm pilot.


Witcher 3 Yennifer boat snow

More Witcher! Like tons more. The Skellige Isles are enormous. And I got the DLCs on Cyber Moday so there's plenty to be done.

thumbnail Witcher 3 bear thumbnail Witcher 3 Skellige cliffs thumbnail Witcher 3 lighthouse
thumbnail Witcher 3 swimming underwater ship
thumbnail Witcher 3 crowning ceremony thumbnail Witcher 3 Geralt giant thumbnail Witcher 3 ship in the mountains
thumbnail Witcher 3 shadow demon thumbnail Witcher 3 wooden ship

Warframe Oberon dark

I finally have the Mirage/Synoid Simulor combination going on. It's pretty great.

Warframe Vor chat

The Warframe holiday mod - is a snowball/candy cane deathmatch.