E3 2017 LA Convention Center Call of Duty WWII exterior

E3 Microsoft Assassins Creed Origins demo

Assassin's Creed looked like Assassin's Creed. You get a bird this time. It lovely though.

E3 2017 video games Star Wars Battlefront demo booth

Wha? Naboo fighter in Battlefront? Cooool. Same sort of deal, developers seem to be getting this gen of consoles really dialed in graphics-wise. But, y'know, innovation would be nice.

E3 2017 Destiny 2 playable demo

I wonder how much of a game they will release this time.

Maybe more of a AA+ title, Far Cry 5 looked like the new installment you would expect. The demo was fairly limited, but apparently it introduces a companion.

E3 2017 Gran Turismo booth Playstation

Gran Turismo looks as good as Forza, Project Cars, etc. It may also be out this decade.

E3 2017 Wolfenstein diner

Wolfenstein seems to have gone all Fallout.

E3 2017 Nintendo booth panorama crowd

The Nintendo area was basically Comiccon the entire day. I didn't even try to get through that.
Smaller guys

E3 2017 Atlus booth Radiant Historia Strange Journey Etrian Odyssey

Atlus's offerings looked like pretty generic rpg material. Ugh, another Etrian Odyssey.

Square seems to have gone full Disney with Final Fantasy. There's even a card game!

The vibe

E3 2017 Bethesda booth VR headset HTC

Everyone has vr. Bethesda was hitting it the hardest. Oculus was there. Sony, of course. But I was surprised to see a lot of startups showcasing their vr platform.

E3 2017 fractal art

One of them seemed to put the player in a weird world of graphical effects. Just adjacent was some trippy artwork (related???).


There were some titles I expected or got press, but weren't accessible from the conference floor. This is not atypical:

E3 2017 douchey tshirt

I need a shirt that says both that I am an ass and that I am a dork.

E3 2017 full size Horizon Zero Dawn puppet cosplay street