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Since Dying Light was just a bit too cerebral for two-day gamefest, J and I mixed in some Killing Floor 2.

In a way, it's a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead 2. It's a team-based zombie survival experience where if you go solo you will quickly die and doom your team.

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Where L4D2 had four awesome but ultimately identical characters (except for Ellis's .05% speed boost), KF2 has a dozen or so character classes. These levelable classes basically dicatate weapon choice; although you can purchase any weapon between rounds, your buffs affect just your weapon class. Of course, the leveling system just feels like a cheap way to give people objectives in an otherwise simple game.

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... that is to say, it's an online store game in a flagship title's clothing. It looks and feels like a high dollar game, but the lack of gameplay variety brings you back down to earth.

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But the shooter mechanics are good and it's refreshing to have a game that emphasizes squad tactics. While I haven't played all that much of it, the tactics do seem to be fairly map-independent. In contrast, L4D2 had some iconic locations that needed to be understood to get through the level.

More Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda screenshot computer Vetra PeeBee

Still breezing through playthrough two. Found a fun one when my hard drive was full and I couldn't download the latest update...

Maybe I'll walk around Kadara port, or-

Mass Effect Andromeda screenshot a patch is available incessant dialogue

Oh okay. Well I didn't need online features for this. So, thanks for telling me. Well, time to go to Havarl-

Mass Effect Andromeda screenshot A patch is available incessant dialogue

Um, yeah, you told me that. Mayble I'll go someplace else-

Mass Effect Andromeda screenshot A patch is available incessant dialogue

Yeah. The game felt obligated to remind me frequently that I needed a patch to use online features I wasn't using. THANKS EA!