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Few spoilers inside. But first, more renovation.
Garage annex

Garage annex murder room cinder blocks concrete pour renovation

While thinking about re-sorting tools and stuff back into the garage annex, I decided to improve things in that area. The plan is to - piece by piece - replace the grade with flat concrete and retaining wall. The first two areas are bricked and poured, when they dry I can fill dirt back behind the wall so that the piers above sit on more level ground.

After this I can work to the left and right repeating the same procedure, while making a minor other improvements like lighting and a plywood semi-ceiling.

Hamilton came to town. Unique, great show - the rhyme delivery gives it so much more density than a standard theatrical piece.
Wedding shoot

I got a request to shoot a small wedding at a house in La Jolla. I even dusted off the ol' FM3A to get some of it on 35mm.

Horizon finale

Horizon Zero Dawn screenshot

I finished up the final few missions of Horizon. The story is great and thankfully peaks before the final action. While I'm still in it, I've decided to do the dlc.

Spoilery imagery:

Board games

Pandemic Legacy Season 2 final board

The board game crew finished Pandemic. We managed a victory with a score of 720-something. RIP Scruffy the janitor who carried the cure to save us all.