PUBG vehicle combat passenger view pursuit

Golden puppy walking on log sound

Jes and I went up to Seattle/Burien to see Jon/Tori's new place and new pup. Jes went up early, I joined on Friday and we took Pepper to the shore.

Hand drawn Seattle map pretty much unreadable

Jori came in on Saturday and gave us a few tour options. We couldn't really read any of it, so we just let them drive us around.

Starbucks roastery Seattle

We drove through the city, making stops at the sbux Roastery, Pike's, the Gasworks, and Rock Creek.

Weimaraner looking around cat polyptych

Meanwhile Kafka hung out with Derrick and Koko, Lola, some kids, and some cats.

The Shape of Water couples costume Asset Elisa Halloween

Jes brought home the Halloween party costume award yet again. I wore it, but the craftmanship was all her. Photos courtesy Courtney.

Video games

PUBG Mirado attack van Miramar airborne replay glitch

I pretty much maxed out my video editing skill combined with all there is to see in PUBG that isn't eyebleedingly boring. But then the crew and I were cruising through Cobreria and got into a fun little bit of vehicle-on-vehicle action.


Twitch advertisement calling heroes loot box death of gaming

Twitch managed to title a promotional email encapsulating everything that is wrong with gaming.

Dog weimaraner blue paint on nose