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What is this place?

A blog/journal/whatever. The content is predominantly this stuff:

What is your site map?

I'm a rando and still reading, where do I go from here?

Top posts ([a])? Features maybe? The travel stuff is more like a journal, everyone likes lists though, right? If there are topics of interest, you can click on the tags and it'll show you all like-tagged posts (in index form). You can also try your luck at jamming a tag into the url (https://chrisritchie.org/kilroy/tags/_______.html).

Duckduckgo hasn't done a very good job of indexing this place. I'm not too concerned - this site isn't monetized or linked to social media.
More detail


Back in high school my buddy Rob started a blog for our group of friends. Blogger was the cutting edge stuff at the time. For Christmas in '01ish, he gifted me this domain, and I've kept it ever since. The subsequent years involved interaction with a small group of peers, using and abandoning flickr as a photostream, and joining and quitting the various social media sites that were spun up while I was in college.

Somewhere along the way, my grandmother told me that she uses this site to keep up with my goings-ons. That was good enough reason to keep it up, even if some of these posts just about video games. When I bought my house this site was useful as a renovation journal, e.g. how and when did I do x? At the time of this writing, my epoxy floor how-to is my most popular post. Enabling DIYers is a noble cause, in my mind.

Labels seemed like a good idea in the beginning. They're probably just decoration at this point. What's more, most months I just combine everything into a text wall and categorize it as [s].

What is your tech stack?

Really? Nerd alert. So I started with college-era $6/month hosting that had 100MB and no scripting. And I've stuck with that, with a modest storage and pricing bump. I still haven't added javascript and, sadly, my host wants more money for https [Update: they added ssl for free!].

I use a simple, bespoke markup language with some Java (originally Perl cause I'm old) I wrote to handle parsing, image processing, log processing, tag generation, remote file download, and so forth. Basically the work a browser normally does is frontloaded with code that generates static html.

This actually works super well because it lets me hook my site code into everything else I do with Java (graphics, stats, machine learning).
Terms of use

There's some content here, can I use it?

If you want to embed/borrow a photo or screencap or text snippet, go right ahead. Note that some stuff is sourced and not original content. Feel free to attribute it if you like, don't claim ownership. I scale down and significantly compress most of the imagery when it gets published, because storage space.

I'm scraping the web for personal information and/or data aggregation.

K, well, you're in violation of this site's terms of service. There's nothing career limiting here, so you're wasting vpn anyway.

How do I get a hold of you?

I have a gmail account, it's the same as the (second level) domain name for this site.

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