Risk of Rain 2 Gilded Coast war banner

Volleyball night time flash long shutter speed technique

Taking a few weeks off for the mcl tear, I did a photo session at volleyball. I started with a post-mounted off-camera speedlight triggered by the on-camera flash. It had the best lighting (side lighting woo), but was hard to keep the flash out of the frame. Probably would have been better to use the 20mm rather than the 50.

Between games I put the speedlight on camera. Not quite as nice.

Borderlands 3 review wrap-up

Borderlands 3 Maya welcome home Ava sucks

Me and J finished our TVHM playthrough, hit 50, and have done a few arenas and side quests. The Halloween event dropped to mixed reviews, we liked the variety and challenge it introduced.

Borderlands 3 Fl4k heal skill

I've tried each fo the Fl4k skill trees and settled on maxing out criticals. I still haven't found a good class mod; looking forward to the hunt as well as unlocking another top tier skill once the level cap increases.

Borderlands 3 Agonizer 9000 Penn and Teller Pain and Terror criticals

The bosses are good, standard BL3 fare but with the added challenge of avoiding AOE attacks. The Agonizer is the most frustrating.

Borderlands 3 guns with legs

Walking guns were the headliner, but BL3 didn't disappoint with making significant additions to the equipment system. For one, I just started using the Atlas smart bullet feature which I originally thought wasn't particularly useful.

Borderlands 3 hovercycle

Likewise, it's neat to have more vehicle options and customizability. Ultimately there isn't a ton of driving (particularly with the added fast travel from anywhere feature) and vehicle mechanics aren't Halo-quality, so it'd be great if there were a vehicle-oriented dlc like the BL1 Knoxx campaign. You know, if they scale vehicle HP with level.

Borderlands 3 Anointed Aggro Tink

Many of the series mainstay enemies have returned, and new ones have been added. Nothing significantly changes gameplay (a la witch doctors from a BL2 dlc) and I miss loaders, but I'm reasonably happy with the execution in this installment.

Borderlands 3 guardian ranks

Like skills and equipment, badass points returned with a bit more depth. The addition of trees and perks isn't a game changer, but allows another layer of tweaking and customization.

Borderlands 3 Jakobs DLC

As previously mentioned, the environments are attractive and diverse. Now that we've done more exploring and sidequesting, we're starting to appreciate how expansive and detailed each of the many maps are.

Borderlands 3 Vladof scope Slaughterstar 3000

The arenas are more or less unchanged, but great places to farm loot. The addition of mayhem mode allows some Underdome-like customization, but they could have benefited from some tower defense mechanics. The real disappointment here is that it was an extremely subpar use of the real hero of the series, Mister Torgue.

Borderlands 3 Cambot Tyreen Calypso streaming

Troy and Tyreen? Really more annoying than anything else - particularly when you can't skip cutscenes.

Borderlands 3 Vaughn

Otherwise though, the writing for this game is clever and funny.

Borderlands 3 screenshot COV HQ

The main campaign is extensive but really suffers from the few allies and enemies that are simply annoying.

Borderlands 3 Tannis siren spoilers Pain and Terror
The end of drizzle

Risk of Rain 2 Gilded Coast Aurelionite battle turrets war banner

We'd pretty much turned the corner on the easiest play mode of ROR2 and we've basked a little in the fun of it before moving on to monsoon.

Risk of Rain 2 killing the newt vendor ghost

We even got powerful enough to kill the newt.

Risk of Rain 2 Nkuhanas Retort malachite ability corruption

N'Kuhana's Retort was a fun one to have though it's a bit disconcerting to shoot malachite everywhere.

Risk of Rain 2 terrible sequence Fireworks Whip

Cattle sequenced into a lot of fireworks and an unplayable number of red whips.