I5 drive panorama

We headed up the coast for some holiday time with the family.

We played a lot of Codenames, spent some time at the beach, and roamed between the parents' house and Ted's.

There was tons of food, both of the home-cooked variety and the restaurant variety.

Potbelly sandwiches Irvine finally

By far the highlight of the entire holiday was stopping by California's own Potbelly in Irvine. Why even go to the east coast anymore?

Beer exploration dogs treats

December Gentlemnn's Beer Exploration Society was an adventure to the Lost Abbey Confessional and some nearby pizza. There was a bourbon barrel Santa's Little Helper and a couple of well-fed Santa's little helpers.
Three Houses

Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth throne

Still making progress on Fire Emblem, haven't hit the timeshift so it's nice to have a good chunk of game left before going again with a different house and fixing all my mistakes. It's still on the easy side and I'm not sure who I should be recruiting or using as my A-team. Typically these become clear after a playthrough and/or faq read.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Jeralt death scene

(Spoilers) After the least surprising death in history (I guess even moreso after it was foreshadowed), I'm getting the impression that this is falling into the somewhat-tropey medieval postapocalypse. I'm pretty sure the 'goddess' is evil and masked baddie is good or future-you or something.
Handsome Jackpot

Borderlands 3 Handsome Jackpot casino

The first DLC arrived just as J and me were starting second characters. Handsome Jackpot is a substantial, enjoyable DLC and great homage to the franchise's iconic villain.

Borderlands 3 Freddie short shorts

The dialogue and characters in Handsome Jackpot easily outshine those of the base game.

Borderlands 3 One Mans treasure junkyard

While the DLC doesn't quite rival the Knoxx or Tiny Tina experiences, it brings a bunch of neat new areas and gamewide content (mods, guns).

Borderlands 3 Vermilingua

As mentioned, J and I have explored every nook and cranny of the main game and quite enjoyed the less prominent content.

Borderlands 3 Wotan intro

We've still yet to defeat Wotan The Invincible. I briefly specced into a support Fl4k build - using the dominate/mind control ability in hopes of gaining allies to soak hits. It didn't work out, although I managed to run around for quite some time while doing no damage (after J went down). I'm back to the crit build with a much better class mod that may have been from the DLC.

Borderlands 3 Siren phasegrasp

We'll probably take another run at him with the new HJPot loot and having read up on useful things like the Brainstormer. We've played a little bit with our new characters, but it'd sure be nice if you could start on TVHM (after having already unlocked it).