Nioh 2 progonist swords
Been a bit

Posting has been somewhat hamstrung. For one, I've upgraded my phone and camera hardware. The other blocker has been an overhaul of my photo preprocessor.

New body

Nikon D850 body

At long last I upgraded from the D700 (c. 2007) to the D850 (c. 2017). While I just bought a new hard drive, I'm not sure my storage is ready for 100mb tifs, 20mb jpgs, and 50mb raws. I think I'll be modifying my photo process to store jpgs below full res and going back to raws for anything non-web.

I haven't gotten a lot of photo sessions in, but the D850 is pretty nice. The thumb-located focus screen selection is great.


A few months back I updated my post generator to do graphics transforms. It was a bit limited compared to Photoshop or Gimp, where my postprocessing workflow is more or less this:
  1. Create a new layer
  2. Modify the layer
  3. Blend the layer back
  4. Repeat as necessary
There are more complicated workflows, but that mostly captures it. The knobs are:

My aim with the improved processor was to better emulate this workflow. I already had a few effects coded up, so enabling them just mean mapping a label to each function.

Putting it all together:
In line with some prior goals, I added neural style transfer functionality into the editor. Running it takes some time, but it's a great feature - algorithmic stylizing is somewhat limited, but neural style images are better as blends than standalone graphics.
The homestead

Usual stuff around the house. Some teething, some chomping, and a little more work on the veranda.


Fed formally announcing a tapering schedule will be the most telegraphed correction ever to pikachuface this sub

I've been a bit skittish about theta gang moves with so much stuff pulling back from all-time highs. Happily, energy stonks rebounded from a recent dip and my 200 OIH shares finally returned to a place where I could sell calls.

CNBC dollar cost average post

The mild selloffs that followed various Fed presidents apologizing for using reserve money to purchase personally-owned bonds meant CNBC needed to repost its DCA article.

The Fed and Evergrande stories has provided entertainment while I've largely sat in cash. The other one...

Lordstown victory lap(?)

Lordstown motors LMC tweet highway truck Endurance

The Lordstown EV saga has entered a new chapter, perhaps one telling its slow death. After missing the promised September start of "limited production", the company announced a partnership with Foxconn wherein its factory would be transferred to the Taiwanese company as well as the manufacturing responsiblities for its flagship Endurance truck.

The company's share price that had briefly enjoyed a couple weeks in the $7-8 range tanked once again and now sits below $5.

Strangely, after relinquishing manufacturing responsibility to a company with a history of slow starts, the company released its first video of the truck driving on public roads. While this doesn't mean the thing is ready for prime time, it's a whole lot more substantive than low-speed parking lot demos.

With Farcry 6 and Back 4 Blood on the horizon, it could be a good fall for gaming.


Text chat emoji drop

PUBG unveiled bot league 2.0 (casual mode) recently. It populates the field with three real teams and 22 bot teams. For casuals like the lolbate squad, this is pretty good for setting up early-, mid-, or late-game battles without running into a skilled/cheating squad that ruins your day.

PUBG Battlegrounds buggy C4 jump

It's given us a chance to explore some less conventional paths to victory (or loss). Late-game C4 and vehicles are a mainstay, bridge camping sometimes works, and we recently flew a pair of motor gliders and got into some air-to-air combat.

I'm definitely hoping they open casual mode up to other maps, well Miramar, Vikendi, and Taego.

Nioh 2

Nioh 2 character portrait

On the PS4 front, J and I are ??? through the Nioh 2 story. I don't have a full-on picture book of this one like I do Mass Effect since this one is co-op and applies a weird blur effect to in-game screencaps.

Nioh 2 benevolent grave righteous jasper rewards

I finally started throwing down benevolent graves with my stock of righteous jaspers. The rewards are mostly glory, but it's a cool mechanic. While it doesn't have the poetic element of Bloodborne notes, it's a nice game element that is super useful to the summoner.

ME2 completion

Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition reaper human boss

Supplementing my recollection with a little gamefaqage, Shepard pulled her squad through the Collector suicide mission with the - ugh - human reaper.

Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition ruins Ryugyong hotel North Korea comparison pyramid Tuchanka

I guess I didn't catch the first time around that Tuchanka is actually in North Korea.

Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition Samara Morinth choice

Having not traded Samara for Morinth before, I made sure to have enough personality points to do it this time. The faqs seemed to suggest it was a morally-ambiguous decision, but in retrospect it was pretty evil. As a bonus, having a maxed out paragon meter *I think* has set me up to get the good Geth/Quarian resolution (based on a Tali-Legion argument).

Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition Arrival alpha relay

Having not played the DLC on xbox, I got to do some heart of darkness stuff in Batarian space with the Arrival content. It felt like a main story mission, but had a pretty cool final combat sequence in the shadow of the *spooky voice* Alpha Relay.

Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition shadow broker ship

The Shadow Broker DLC was pretty solid, offering both interesting environments and a lot of story for add-on content.

Picture book time:

Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition Reapers deep space

So at the end of the day, I guess Shepard foiled the construction of a super-reaper, but that might not be the end of the story.


Oh hey look, reapers again. On a planet this time. The human-led Citadel council I guess continued to ignore everything and now we have Earth getting wrecked as Shepard has to "hurry up and sidequest".

I think I also previously missed that the endgame space kid is in the ventilation ducts. They mostly come out at night, mostly.


In Celt news, Janice is back in headlines, stepping up her crazy game.

Millennialism training at work. Ending texts with a period... means you're angry.