Storypost | 2023.01.10
d'Bears on parade

One trophy, one miserable failure, one weird final.

Editorial | 2022.12.16

ElonJet, Twitter, and the digital money printer.

Infopost | 2022.11.14
Stable Diffusion setup

Getting Stable Diffusion up and running on Ubuntu 22.04 with an RTX3080 Ti.

Infopost | 2022.10.17

Brief thoughts on current events and a billionaire who thinks very highly of himself.

Infopost | 2022.09.20

Across the Obelisk Void boss tactics, shou sugi ban, hard drive management, The Cool S, Elden Ring, and a trip to Vegas.

Storypost | 2022.04.27

Installing a dryer booster fan, choosing a cat name for an intern project, and some convos about Twitter and Truth.

Storypost | 2022.04.06
Not looking back

Pandemic Season 0, Zinsco breaker replacement, robots shooting basketballs, and the Blyatskrieg grinds on.

Storypost | 2021.11.07

Friendsgiving mayhem, timely Halloween costumes, gun stonks, and Tacoma parts. And some machine learning graphics links and learnings.

Infopost | 2021.07.04
Lambos or shambos

PLTN, SPCE, and RIDE. I watch the China Hustle (recommend!) and some video games are played.

Storypost | 2021.06.13

Lots of woodporn as the veranda takes shape. Meme stonks stage a comeback and candles are replaced with crayons.

Storypost | 2021.06.02

Poway things, steel cable, veranda materials research, and dishwasher repair. Seeking Alpha and my college buddies dissect the recent meme stonk movement.

Storypost | 2021.04.06

My winding path to vaccination, the perfect PUBG match, hardware multiboot, and discussions from my spicy millennialism list.

Storypost | 2021.03.12

Danielle arrives. And some other stuff while nevously awaiting delivery.

Storypost | 2021.01.30
GME volume

Wednesday saw GME go mainstream after being largely contained in Reddit, financial news, and specific social media streams. The latter half of the week was all about the "retail traders who took on Wall Street". Chief among them is DFV himself:

Infopost | 2021.01.20
Current events

The last two weeks have been... strange. Since the controversial stuff seems to have finally burned out, I'll do what I can to recap the lunacy and the memes. For posterity.

Storypost | 2020.09.09
The four horsemen

You already know about the covid, now you know about the sharks. The (relatively mild) brushfires have given the sunlight a pleasant orange tone.

Storypost | 2020.08.27
Go right

Covid continues, but the surge appears to have tailed off some. I guess this is the new normal until one of the many "almost-there" vaccines works out.

Storypost | 2020.04.20
Plenty to do

Another week of quarantined programming, video games, and hitting f5 on economic news.

Storypost | 2020.04.05

The uncertainity of two weeks ago has given way to various stages of compulsory home isolation.

Storypost | 2019.11.10

A Fire Emblem Three Houses review and some turkey.

Metapost | 2018.05.31

Text chats implemented in html, some more neural style transfer, LED headlight installation, and Sea of Thieves.

Storypost | 2017.05.15
Fancy events


Storypost | 2016.06.22
Spare time

Ty got married.

Storypost | 2016.04.20

We went to Austin for Ty's bachelor weekend. The shirts were absolutely top notch.

Storypost | 2016.01.08
From Diego to The Bay

Wiffle ball, high tide surfing, a Raiders game, and skiing.

Storypost | 2015.07.13

The League of Sport camp and crawl and returning from Oregon by train.

Storypost | 2014.08.19

The 2014 Medieval Gridiron season has arrived, we drafted at Casa de Santos this past weekend. Good food, good drinks, Ryan and Dan drafted using the same fantasy football magazine - I know, right?

Storypost | 2012.09.26

Dodgeball and a fantasy draft.

Storypost | 2012.08.08
Top down

I mostly finished the vaulting:

Storypost | 2012.02.19

This year's Super Bowl party was probably the best so far. Since it's been cold, the original plan was to screen the game in the living room, but the cable line wasn't having any of it. Of course it was in the mid-eighties during the day so relocating the backyard wasn't a big deal.

Review | 2011.04.22
Replacement gear

There was some attrition of motorcycle gear during the Utah expedition. Knowledge was gained though. Side-by-sides are all kinds of fun on dirt. And I still suspect that quads are the first wave of the Machine Insurrection.

Storypost | 2010.10.19
Football overload

Zac's ridiculously awesome parents hooked me up with a ticket to the Raiders-Niners game. I walked from the Balboa Bart station to Candlestick expecting to, at some point, come upon a sports bar. Alas there were countless dives, a park, and a gorgeous Alfa, but no place to watch the morning games.

Storypost | 2010.02.08

Like I said, no more Super Bowl at Players so Cheryl took it upon herself to organize a similar event with better food for half the cover.

Storypost | 2009.09.07
Heavy in the games

I've finally made the jump to two fantasy leagues, but will maintain my own rule that

Storypost | 2007.12.05
There and back again

The flight out was excellent all around. No rush, no traffic, no waiting. Jon was happy to take me to the airport at 5:45 and I got into Portland on time. Getting through Portland was smooth, the trolly is adjacent to the baggage claim and will take you all the way to Beaverton for a mere $2.00. I got through a fair amount of I Am America (And So Can You!) on the way.

Storypost | 2007.09.11
September already

So in the past month:

Storypost | 2007.04.15
Not much, really

Played some tennis this morning.

Storypost | 2007.03.18

March 17th started with Bailey's pancakes washed down with Guiness. From there the drinks only got nastier and nastier. More on that later.

Storypost | 2007.02.05
XLI II [r]

So yesterday was the Player's Sports Bar Super Bowl shindig. It was all you can eat, all you can drink for a modest $75. And in the event that either half's kickoff be returned for a touchdown, everyone would get their money back and ten g's would be up for grabs in the raffle.