How-to [i]

Video games, wood preservation, PC hardware, and a quick trip to Las Vegas. Read on.

Exploring [g]

Me and J have almost covered the aboveground map, mostly working through Volcano Manor and the Leyndell.

Fog door [s]

I hit the big one. Luckily this game is co-op so I didn't have to do it alone.

Packs [r]

I try out a new kid carrier, do some data entry, and slay my first Elden Ring dragon.

Learning [s]

Investing, video gaming, internetting, parenting, learning - the usual.

90s aesthetic [i]

I was thinking about doing a post of some of my favorite sprites of all time (Kirov reporting) but went down a rabbit hole and didn't return in time.

Lands between [g]

Just some scenery and light commentary from mine and J's Elden Ring adventuring.

Diversions [r]

I have another post queued up for real world stuff like Ukraine and the market/return of Gamestonk, but let's talk about the big March PS5 releases.