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Review | 2023.01.14
All the genres

Maybe not all the genres, but FPS, 4X, tabletop, and a meme game are a good sampling.

Storypost | 2022.12.31
Crisis averted

After four eightish-hour sessions, we finished Pandemic Legacy Season 0. Immediately below are our final characters with some build commentary and asset/scar spoilers. After that there's some late game info but no plot spoilers.
The squad (Unnatural Ones, Brogue Squadron, etc.) still has a few Gloomhaven scenarios left before moving to Aeon's End Legacy, Frosthaven, or ???

Review | 2022.10.12
Deckbuilding and action

Just vibeo ganes in this post.
Gloomhaven Oozing Grove: kill three trees that collectively produce an elite ooze every round. We got some harsh rng early and were playing out the scenario. Ted exhausted before Jon killed the last tree, I was hobbling back, invisible but surrounded by oozes (the Nightshroud is not good against hordes). We maxed out oozes as Jon exhausted, so there wasn't a glimmer of hope. Rather than farm gold/xp, I played it out, trying not to think about how many self-damage/split cards the oozes would have to draw in order to Jooneztown themselves. They proceeded to draw something like 5 or 6 split cards in a row, killing off the low health ones and creating new almost-dead oozes. I still had to kill two, but it was a hilariously unlikely set of card draws.

Review | 2022.09.03

In this post:

Storypost | 2022.07.29

Having finished the terrace, I'm on to the next childproofing/renovation project. I replaced a rotting wood deck railing with adult-spaced steel cable years ago. I spaced them at 6" so that adding another set of wires would bring the gap down to the prescribed 3".

Storypost | 2022.06.07
Fog door

I hit the big one. Luckily this game is co-op so I didn't have to do it alone.

Storypost | 2022.04.17

After fourteen years of service, my Hayward 0.75 hp pump died. It wasn't an especially dramatic malfunction - the pump would pull water slowly but then trip the heat switch. It may be a repairable problem (e.g. seals) but I decided to go nuclear. I was concerned that the pump was fine but my intake lines were leaking, causing the pump to suck mostly air. With no small effort, I ran a separate pipe directly to the pool to all-but-confirm that it was the pump that needed replacing.

Storypost | 2022.02.15
Global macro

Is this yet another reason to go cash/oil gang? The Ukraine saga has taken a few interesting turns since last time.

Storypost | 2022.01.24

This one is all about plateaus and precipices. And other things.

Infopost | 2022.01.15
Deep graphics

Jan 1's covid spike looked bad, but case rates have just kept going. As such, here's a long post that covers fractals, autoencoders, style transfer, and some vidya.

Review | 2021.12.13
On repeat

Another variant, another Far Cry, another Cowboy Bebop, another L4D, another Nioh, another Mass Effect. Oh yeah, and I mentioned all of them last month. (What I'm saying is my post title is totally on point.)

Review | 2021.11.27

Rewind 19 months:
WFH has left something of a Gloomhaven gap in my life. Chase said the Steam version was true to the tabletop game, so I put together a squad with Ted, Jon, and Rob.

Infopost | 2020.01.26
Neural fails

I did some more Keras dabbling since there was cold weather and time off. I continued down the autoencoder thread that I'd explored a bit previously.

Storypost | 2019.11.10

Friendsgiving this year was up in Santa Cruz. On top of the usual fare (kids, turkey, burned killa bread), there was great beach weather.
I've unlocked the shadow assassin character in Gloomhaven. The auto-kill ability is pretty OP with an elementalist in the party.

Metapost | 2019.04.06
Some improvements

A couple small changes that are fairly evident below: I created an about page and a list of lists.

Storypost | 2019.03.16
Bouncing around

Last month's journeys were followed by an early March trip out to the east coast, so suffice it to say I've been happy to spend some time in the man cave.
Due to travel obligations all around, The Unnatural Ones have made slow progress on the Gloomhaven campaign. I did manage to finish the quartermaster (Marcus Kinkaide) solo in my first try. The infinite-range utility belt looks rather useful.

Storypost | 2019.01.27

2019 has been all work and all play.
Gloomhaven has been on a bit of a hiatus, so we're all jonesing to get back into it. I'm making the Quartermaster class work well, I think.

Storypost | 2018.11.14

The grey dog burst a blood vessel in his ear, so we had to keep it elevated. He was displeased.
Mark and Chase have both moved on to new Gloomhaven characters. Rouge, my rogue, has two more scenarios before she retires. ~15 scenarios in the gameplay still feels pretty fresh.

Storypost | 2018.10.21

The Brogue Squadron finished the Heroes of Eturi campaign, winning three victory points to one with one VP mission to spare. The final few scenarios included some cool variations like a space station and ground station.
Now begins Gloomhaven, the legacy RPG...