How-to [i]

Video games, wood preservation, PC hardware, and a quick trip to Las Vegas. Read on.

The next break [i]

It's 2021 now. Not too different from 2020 but people are more optimistic.

Sedentary [s]

Yeah. The other one this time. Had to be an El Nino winter, too.

Camp'n'crawl [s]

Knowing so many Miramesa residents, I've occasionally kicked around the idea of doing some sort of traverse of points of interest. Eventually this became a brewery crawl and camping trip hybrid that was promptly met with enthusiasm.

Maui wowie [s]

Somehow, some way United managed to bollocks my flight from SFO to OGG. That's normally not a problem, I'm well versed in the practice of checking flight info and I never plan to come and go as expected. But in this case my SAN to SFO flight was on schedule and so I found myself with quite a few hours to kill between my 18:30 arrival and 00:30 departure.