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Editorial | 2023.01.30
Money and boredom

In this post: the Madoff documentary, Elon finally dials it back, and two nutjob comics shout at one another.

Infopost | 2023.01.24

Financial stuff from yesterday and today.

Editorial | 2022.12.16

Memelords and bad photoshops.

Editorial | 2022.12.12

This post is kind of hefty, so let's start with a couple of adorable pics from the zoo.

Infopost | 2022.10.17

A few of the world/economic news storylines that I've been following seem to have intertwined. Or at least the twines are quite close to each other.
Don't fight the fed, as they say. A dude on the investments mailing list at work was absolutely convinced that recession would spur the fed to resume QE. But it seems like inflation is their top priority. So we're in for a long-overdue market correction.

Review | 2022.09.03

In this post:

Infopost | 2022.08.14

It's been a busy week for F5 keys across the country. Monday morning greeted me with this:

Infopost | 2022.07.18

It seems like everyone is on the lookout for catalysts and indicators. One of the recent ones was vehicle repossessions. Sure enough, that was a thing in 2008:

Review | 2022.06.18

Footwear, Netflix, and a bad week for CPI and crypto.

Storypost | 2022.06.10

The major indices were on the rise at the end of June but sentiment seems to indicate that we're on a pretty significant downslope. Probably don't buy every dip.

Infopost | 2022.05.24
This is fine

A few weeks ago I talked about real estate, margin loans, and Elon Musk. I wasn't entirely convinced by a WSBer's assertion that we were headed for another real estate meltdown, though I think a market and real estate pullback is long overdue. Nothing has kerploded, but there's another chapter in this saga. (Fair warning: this post has plenty of other people's crude language and usernames.)

Storypost | 2022.05.14

Investing, video gaming, internetting, parenting, learning - the usual.

Infopost | 2022.05.03

In this post: construction, code, and catching falling knives.
I was reading a WSB doompost about the (supposed) next subprime meltdown. I wasn't convinced, but I found the discussion and related material to be educational. The main theme of the post: investments secured by a stock portfolio. You might have seen this:
What will happen if margin-secured homeowners start getting margin called because of a market pullback? Their first safety net is that 50% rule and having diverse investments. Their second safety net is simply taking out a mortgage. Their third is selling. The market and home values would have to suddenly tank for other market pressures to not prevent this from "going parabolic".

Storypost | 2022.04.27

I haven't started a new playthrough of Dragon Age Origins, I just dug up an illustrative image.

Storypost | 2022.04.06
Not looking back

Whether or not covid is truly in our rearview, everything has returned to the pre-2020 norm (more or less).

Infopost | 2022.01.01

Changing the calendar number from 2021 to 2022 means there's data to be analyzed.

Storypost | 2021.12.19
Off repeat

So other than progressing plot and content, I don't expect to have much to add to my initial take on Far Cry. Well, except a surprise visit from Danny-f'in-Trejo.

Review | 2021.12.13
On repeat

Another variant, another Far Cry, another Cowboy Bebop, another L4D, another Nioh, another Mass Effect. Oh yeah, and I mentioned all of them last month. (What I'm saying is my post title is totally on point.)

Infopost | 2021.11.08
The upswing

So everyone's agreed there's going to be a market pullback, right? Any day now. Yeah, I know, bears have successfully predicted 4 out of the last 20 crashes. If this is sustainable, I'll eat my modest gains and some crow. So let's set that aside and assume we'll drill *at some point*.

Storypost | 2021.11.07

After a covid year off, Friendsgiving returned to San Marcos where we squeezed eight families into a not-particularly-code-compliant VRBO. The last part isn't all bad; it meant there was a 30' waterslide and we could play Danger Pong.

Storypost | 2021.10.10

Posting has been somewhat hamstrung. For one, I've upgraded my phone and camera hardware. The other blocker has been an overhaul of my photo preprocessor.

Storypost | 2021.08.22

Let's start with the hardest-hitting item. Costco has a $200 handle of baijiu. I'm not sure if it's more shocking that someone decided bamboo liquor was worth importing or that there is a baijiu that costs more than 8 yuan.

Storypost | 2021.07.27
Everything is cool

Breakthrough cases? Pshhh, this is fine. Right?

Infopost | 2021.07.17
Just buy SPY

Not really. Well, do what you want, this just a journal of investment adventures not a source of investment advice. The title is just a catchy way to talk about my mid-year report card and another fun chapter in the LMC saga.

Storypost | 2021.07.12
Up and down

Well, we still don't have flying cars, but it looks like space tourism has finally arrived.

Lulzpost | 2021.07.06
To the moon

Infopost | 2021.07.04
Lambos or shambos

Big moves this week for the two tickers I've been following most closely. First, some (dark) giggles about a company I don't go near in any sense:
Being smug about small investments is one thing, but the real payoff has been observing the - what's the opposite of fear/uncertainty/doubt? Let's go with assuredness/security/self-delusion. Yes, the most entertaining developments have been the ASS from the LMC marketers and bagholders.
I'm optimistic that the market has largely wised up to this scam and that it peaked in the early twenty-teens. That said, Hindenburg looked at YRIV in 2018 when the share price was in the $4 range (down from and ATH of $16). Reality seems to have confirmed their findings as the ticker now trades for $0.06. The film exits with an (O_o) at Alibaba, pardon my emoticon. Indeed, while The China Hustle's antihero Dan David was able to send DD teams to illegally track trucks and employees, the new names in overseas investments measure their trade in users, something that's harder to track than actual revenue. So maybe we're seeing a new hustle with Alibaba, rideshare companies, and online education companies.

Storypost | 2021.06.25
The show goes on

A lot going on in this one, here's a quick table of contents:

Infopost | 2021.06.15
Bro, the humanity

So I previously talked about being a huge fan of vaporware and the figureheads that hype them. This weekend I even rounded out my '08 crash trilogy with its Enron prequel.

Storypost | 2021.06.02

I tried to think of a better title - I really did. It's bad now, but in a couple years I'm going to say, "A portmanteau *and* that word we no longer use, spluh". But, like, that's what it was. Memorial Day weekend and then the memening of GME, AMC, and BB. There's no other way to describe it. I'm sorry but I will not apologize.

Storypost | 2021.05.26
Risk mitigation

The backyard terraces need fencing. Since there are two terraces, it almost made sense to connect the two and create a verdana/gazebo/pergola/palapa over the middle terrace.

Storypost | 2021.05.08

This guy no longer has to worry about covidd (spelled thusly: c-o-v-i-d-d, the extra 'd' is for a double dose of the Moderna).

Storypost | 2021.04.08
Investment drama

The WSB v. hedgie class war briefly took a back seat last week as an unrelated institutional investor caused Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs to do a Margin Call LARP.

Review | 2021.03.15
Follow up

I had put my max difficulty/evil plot arc Fire Emblem playthrough on ice so that I had something to do on flights and layovers for our Jamaica trip.

Storypost | 2021.03.12

Danielle arrived.

Storypost | 2021.02.09

Failing miserably is something that everyone does from time to time. They either obsess over it or pretend to grow from it while quietly obsessing over it. Sometimes the fails aren't of the "I did the right thing and didn't succeed" flavor but more of the "I know better but still did it" flavor. The beginning of February has been pretty faily in kilroysville, but I see it as an opportunity to grow.

Storypost | 2021.01.30
GME volume

Wednesday saw GME go mainstream after being largely contained in Reddit, financial news, and specific social media streams. The latter half of the week was all about the "retail traders who took on Wall Street". Chief among them is DFV himself:

Storypost | 2021.01.26
Will Gamestop?

On Friday, Gamestop had rocketed to the 70s and closed the week more modestly. I decided to fomo in; if the millennial traders were going to yeet the rich, I had better join them in case I end up against the wall some day.

Infopost | 2021.01.23

Today in the Financial Times of Kilroy: what the heck happened on Friday and what's going to happen Monday?

Infopost | 2021.01.02
The next break

It's 2021 now. Not too different from 2020 but people are more optimistic.
As I suspected at various points throughout the year, individual bond investments have given me the best gains. And this is just the ones I bought and sold - bonds that gained ~10% and had a low coupon value. It also doesn't account for interest payments (can't find that in etrade for the life of me). ETFs were something of a mixed bag since I traded regular market index-types and inverses. My ETF bottom line is dominated by the Barclay's oil fund that I bought just before crude bottomed out. I went in with the intent of holding it until the inevitable rebound (petrol and plastics simply aren't going away). Unfortunately, Barclay's decided to liquidate the fund and I was effectively forced to sell low.

Infopost | 2020.12.25
Staying warm by the fire

Whether it's the fireplace, the geforce, or sunny surf sessions, xmas vacation has been about staying warm.
High yield bonds have again shown they are strangely not bad short term investments - at least right now. I don't think I got into bond until March-ish. Abbvie was rumored to have a covid treatment way back and so I was sitting on shares, it made sense to sell a call above my purchase price. Premiums on AMD have been pretty high for a $90-ish stock so I sold a CSP there.
Nordstrom bonds rallied from $89 to $99 so it seemed sensible to cash out of a position with a mere 4% return. I happily broke even on longstanding small investments in Activision and Nvidia and saw some MJ calls exercise a few bucks higher than what I paid.

Gallerypost | 2020.12.06
Edges and corners

The first week of December almost always brings one of the biggest swells of the year. This one wasn't epic, but good enough to take a vacation Friday for some 0730 shooting and 0930 surfing. The lead image is a pretty good depiction of the difference between pre-sunrise shots and early-sunrise shots. The Black's cliffs make for a pretty tight window for good lighting.

Storypost | 2020.11.29

Since it was just the two-ish of us, Jes and I went to the Lodge for Thanksgiving lunch.

Storypost | 2020.11.01

Derrick put together a crew for a stealth mission over in Del Mar. I ordered a ball mount dive light from Amazon to help address the challenge of focusing at night. Frustratingly, I ran into the same issue that I experienced with some cables for my media room buildout, they simply sent me the wrong item and right label.

Infopost | 2020.10.17
Cash-secured put

So last time I let people offer to buy my shares at a higher price than I paid, taking guaranteed money and keeping the collateral if the share price doesn't go high enough.

Infopost | 2020.10.10

A little starfighter chat and then my next iteration in trading. I passed pilot level 15 after maybe a dozen dogfights and fleet battles, that doesn't intrinsically mean much except in the context of unlockables. I have most of the mods I want, leaving a few to acquire for tuning and experimentation. And I've acquired some fun cosmetics like the Twi'lek skin and some neat fighter paint jobs. I'm pretty happy with the rate of unlocks, though it'd be neat to have more variety in cosmetics.
Covered calls are a stable growth strategy that aligns with the principles of stackers and FIREfolk. It can be derailed by a bear market, but you could absolutely apply this approach to inverse ETFs. It does, however, require that you can put underperforming investments on ice or sell them before they nosedive. This isn't a killer disclaimer that makes this information worthless, at worst it's identical to investing in mattress or whatever your ESPP is. As we'll see, it can also help offset losses when fortunes turn against you.

Storypost | 2020.09.09
The four horsemen

You already know about the covid, now you know about the sharks. The (relatively mild) brushfires have given the sunlight a pleasant orange tone.

Storypost | 2020.07.26

Still waiting on the lens, I've made headway on the monopod. I won't cut the main pole until I know how high the lens sits, but I assembled the stem piece.

Storypost | 2020.07.03
High/low country

The album isn't new or anything, just decided to use the art.

Storypost | 2020.04.20
Plenty to do

Another week of quarantined programming, video games, and hitting f5 on economic news.
Oh well, it'll be back. This is what I get for not being a conscientious investor. Speaking of long term investments, bonds are fun and low maintenance. For the uninitiated, here's everything I know about bonds, using etrade's terrible ui as a visual guide:
So scrolling up, for whatever reason people want to buy a 6.75% Centurylink bond but not so much a 7.10% Dell bond. I presume this is come combination of return (coupon/maturity) and risk - I stuck with companies I expected to remain in business (or acquired) through these troubling times. Anyway, they're better than 0.0000000001% interest or (in my opinion) even cash. That said, if the bond market were to tank you could be stuck with each holding until maturity. So interleaving maturity and having other investments is important.