How-to [i]

Video games, wood preservation, PC hardware, and a quick trip to Las Vegas. Read on.

Battles [r]

In this post:

Popcorn [i]

It's been a busy week for F5 keys across the country. Monday morning greeted me with this:

Decided [a]

Back in November I mused that Chief Justice Roberts was being duplictous in claiming, "[the Supreme Court], I think, generally don't reinvent the wheel" regarding the distinction between self-defense at home and in public (Heller):

Revanchist [s]

The plan for this month to rave about Horizon: Forbidden West and Elden Ring. The Ukraine crisis was an ominous but interesting situation three weeks ago. Sadly, now people are fighting for their country and seeking refuge and having their lives destroyed by a pointless invasion.

Imminent? [i]

Here we are on day whatever of this eastern Europe thing. It's kind of interesting though, here's what I'll talk about:

Global macro [s]

Is this yet another reason to go cash/oil gang? The Ukraine saga has taken a few interesting turns since last time.

Demise [s]

This one is all about plateaus and precipices. And other things.

Covidivision [a]

I know what you're saying, "cool portmanteau". Thanks. Time for another installment of the covid saga. We're getting a little more clarity on Omicron; more transmissible, maybe less severe (to vaccinated people?), the cause of a measurable bump in cases and professional sports cancellations.

Togetherness [s]

After a covid year off, Friendsgiving returned to San Marcos where we squeezed eight families into a not-particularly-code-compliant VRBO. The last part isn't all bad; it meant there was a 30' waterslide and we could play Danger Pong.

Reequipping [s]

Posting has been somewhat hamstrung. For one, I've upgraded my phone and camera hardware. The other blocker has been an overhaul of my photo preprocessor.

Dialogue [s]

Huh, no posts about covid in months.

Current events [i]

The last two weeks have been... strange. Since the controversial stuff seems to have finally burned out, I'll do what I can to recap the lunacy and the memes. For posterity.

Darkness [s]

Derrick put together a crew for a stealth mission over in Del Mar. I ordered a ball mount dive light from Amazon to help address the challenge of focusing at night. Frustratingly, I ran into the same issue that I experienced with some cables for my media room buildout, they simply sent me the wrong item and right label.

CA primary [i]


FFS [i]

I've tried to progressively improve my awareness of local/state politics over the years. For the upcoming primary I finally now sat down to read the official information guide cover to cover.