Battles [r]

In this post:

Exploring [g]

Me and J have almost covered the aboveground map, mostly working through Volcano Manor and the Leyndell.

Popcorn [i]

It's been a busy week for F5 keys across the country. Monday morning greeted me with this:

Indicators [i]

It seems like everyone is on the lookout for catalysts and indicators. One of the recent ones was vehicle repossessions. Sure enough, that was a thing in 2008:

Carnage [r]

Footwear, Netflix, and a bad week for CPI and crypto.

Finished [s]

Just in time for summer, the artificial turf went in and the terrace project is complete. Call it a veranda, call it a gazebo, call it an aviary, call it a beergarden, call it a baby corral, call it a baby thunderdome. Just don't call it unfinished, or we'll have to settle it in the baby thunderdome.

Underdogs [s]

The major indices were on the rise at the end of June but sentiment seems to indicate that we're on a pretty significant downslope. Probably don't buy every dip.

Fog door [s]

I hit the big one. Luckily this game is co-op so I didn't have to do it alone.

This is fine [i]

A few weeks ago I talked about real estate, margin loans, and Elon Musk. I wasn't entirely convinced by a WSBer's assertion that we were headed for another real estate meltdown, though I think a market and real estate pullback is long overdue. Nothing has kerploded, but there's another chapter in this saga. (Fair warning: this post has plenty of other people's crude language and usernames.)

Learning [s]

Investing, video gaming, internetting, parenting, learning - the usual.

Edges [i]

In this post: construction, code, and catching falling knives.

Links [s]

After fourteen years of service, my Hayward 0.75 hp pump died. It wasn't an especially dramatic malfunction - the pump would pull water slowly but then trip the heat switch. It may be a repairable problem (e.g. seals) but I decided to go nuclear. I was concerned that the pump was fine but my intake lines were leaking, causing the pump to suck mostly air. With no small effort, I ran a separate pipe directly to the pool to all-but-confirm that it was the pump that needed replacing.

Revanchist [s]

The plan for this month to rave about Horizon: Forbidden West and Elden Ring. The Ukraine crisis was an ominous but interesting situation three weeks ago. Sadly, now people are fighting for their country and seeking refuge and having their lives destroyed by a pointless invasion.

Imminent? [i]

Here we are on day whatever of this eastern Europe thing. It's kind of interesting though, here's what I'll talk about:

Clincher [s]

Also a clencher, the week 18 de facto playoff matchup was, in the words of NFL twitter, "Best season finale ever?". Early-game momentum swings, a Chargers comeback capped by Herbert taking hits from Crosby for downs 1-3 and then getting it done on 4th and long. There were plenty of referee antics as well.

Dialogue [s]

Huh, no posts about covid in months.

Everything is cool [s]

Breakthrough cases? Pshhh, this is fine. Right?

Just buy SPY [i]

Not really. Well, do what you want, this just a journal of investment adventures not a source of investment advice. The title is just a catchy way to talk about my mid-year report card and another fun chapter in the LMC saga.

The show goes on [s]

A lot going on in this one, here's a quick table of contents:

Upgrayedds [s]

This guy no longer has to worry about covidd (spelled thusly: c-o-v-i-d-d, the extra 'd' is for a double dose of the Moderna).

Investment drama [s]

The WSB v. hedgie class war briefly took a back seat last week as an unrelated institutional investor caused Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs to do a Margin Call LARP.

GME volume [s]

Wednesday saw GME go mainstream after being largely contained in Reddit, financial news, and specific social media streams. The latter half of the week was all about the "retail traders who took on Wall Street". Chief among them is DFV himself:

Winterfell [r]

Going a little outside the normal post fare, but after a controversial GoT semi-finale, there were some fun reads on the song of ice and fire subreddit.