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Gallerypost | 2023.01.06
Charging on January 6th

Couldn't resist with that title. Photo conditions today were a bit challenging. Even at low tide, the break was pretty far out. The inside waves were also tall and mushy enough to occlude a lot of the action and throw mist on the rest. I stopped over at Scripps after Black's but the wind had killed it. I cropped the bottom of most of these.

Gallerypost | 2022.09.25
Danger zone system

Danielle is into planes right now so I took her to see the Blue Angels. I brought along the 500mm since, you know, when you have a telephoto, everything is far away.

Gallerypost | 2021.01.03

2021 brought a pretty decent swell. I can start making notes on surf spots now:

Gallerypost | 2020.02.02
Cape Run

This year's Cape Run was a little different; Toronado (RIP) and Livewire were switched for North Park Beer Company and, depending on if you were the hares or tortoises group, Modern Times or Station Tavern.

Storypost | 2015.02.08
Cape run

Saturday was the fourth Blind Lady Ale House Cape Run. Our crew constituted the majority of Black Team, though we made sure Darth Vader and Jon Snow felt right at home. Kafka put in a solid effort, dragging Derrick and I to a pace in the mid-7s.

Storypost | 2014.09.16
Dog session

I had Lol-dog for a week. One of the days there was a 'micro-burst' of heavy rainfall followed by some nice lighting. So when I took the dogs out to the trail I toted the Nikon.

Review | 2014.03.10
GP Motorcycles, strike 2.5

So over eight years of Ducati ownership I have had a few experiences with GP Motorcycles. Two of them were bad, to summarize:

Storypost | 2008.07.27
A lack of focus

Truth: evaluative focus is complete rubbish. Stop using it, everyone. Anonymous Cohort 1 was about 50/50 for having cars in focus at the last autocross. Anonymous Cohort 2 shot yesterday and was about 30/70. More than one person in my photo class have presented photos completely out of focus.

Infopost | 2008.05.26
A couple charts

I ran a script on my wave height log to plot mean and max set height (per Surfline) by month. The data goes back to mid-2006 and counts a few of the popular SD breaks (Blacks, Cardiff, etc.).
I did some quick and dirty averages, discounting May 2006 where 'froading added to the gas expenditure. Also I did not factor in December 2007 as it featured a road trip from Oregon to San Diego.

Storypost | 2008.04.06
Crossed up

Today was autocross. Here are some pretty pictures courtesy Connie and Ted.

Infopost | 2007.10.25

What do you do when it's unhealthy to go outside and network television is an incessant stream of yellow journalism? Fun in the garage of course.

Storypost | 2007.05.06
Corral Canyon

Storypost | 2007.04.15
Not much, really

Played some tennis this morning.

Storypost | 2007.04.07

The swell's a'comin'. Erik, Matt, and I went out to Fletcher's for some surf n' shoot. Then got pho with the White Lambda who stumbled into my large, empty house.

Storypost | 2007.03.18

March 17th started with Bailey's pancakes washed down with Guiness. From there the drinks only got nastier and nastier. More on that later.
Tiger-Tiger Woods golf (more on that later) was played, of course, and around three we headed to Fashion Valley to take the trolley into downtown.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: San Diego public transportation sucks. More on that later.

Storypost | 2007.02.05
XLI II [r]

So yesterday was the Player's Sports Bar Super Bowl shindig. It was all you can eat, all you can drink for a modest $75. And in the event that either half's kickoff be returned for a touchdown, everyone would get their money back and ten g's would be up for grabs in the raffle.
As it turns out, the opening kickoff was returned for a touchdown. At that point it didn't matter the color of your jersey, we all cheered for free food and drink.
Our crew of nine arrived at noon to begin the seven-hour, lifespan-shortening orgy of food and drink. One individual made it his personal goal to expand the bartender's repertoire upon learning that they 'might' have the proper ingredients for a mudslide. His subsequent orders included a rumrunner, tokyo tea, and grateful dead. Apparently both the bartender and waitress derived passing amusement from having to research each concoction.
Another enterprising individual appointed himself the sportsbook and took, um, imaginary bets. I won all of mine:

Gallerypost | 2004.06.01
XP hike

Date approximate. Ayr, Monica, Wayne and I went for an ill-fated hike out near Julian. A quarter mile in, Wayne's boots fell apart and we had to return. Got some good dirt road driving and cross process photography in though.

Gallerypost | 2004.05.22
PB Block Party

The iconic PB event.

Gallerypost | 2003.10.25
Cedar fire

Back when the Cedar Fire happened, Rob and I went to scope out the scene.

Gallerypost | 2003.05.10
PB Block Party

The 2003 PB Block Party.