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Lulzpost | 2023.01.09
Graphic art

Look, I haven't followed baseball since the strike and I hate all those sites that steal content from the Jalponiks and Reddits of the world. But here is some baseball content stolen from Reddit cause, like, it was funny and I learned cool A's facts.

Editorial | 2022.12.12

This post is kind of hefty, so let's start with a couple of adorable pics from the zoo.
To Qatar's credit, they haven't arrested anyone (afaik) for their identity/sexuality and they declined to prosecute a pitch invader with a rainbow flag. On the other hand, that's not a very high bar. But this is FIFA, whose reform committee head in 2015 called soccer in the US "an ethnic sport for girls in schools". Francois Carrard may have just been lashing out at America's DoJ threatening FIFA's racket, but he could have been considerably less chauvinist and eurocentric about it. Likewise, European football still struggles with overt racism and disrespect for women's sport, so it's difficult to fully believe the international condemnation here.

Storypost | 2021.08.26

Jack arrived!

Infopost | 2021.06.15
Bro, the humanity

So I previously talked about being a huge fan of vaporware and the figureheads that hype them. This weekend I even rounded out my '08 crash trilogy with its Enron prequel.
This is basically the crux of the first point. DraftKings merged with SBTech (an international sports betting technology company). Upon smelling US exposure with recent SCOTUS cases, SBTech decided to push its partnerships with illicit clients to a spinoff, BTi/CoreTech. Bots will ask for a "smocking gun" but, for me, the evidence is damning enough for trading:

Storypost | 2020.07.03
High/low country

The album isn't new or anything, just decided to use the art.

Storypost | 2010.04.25

So this weekend wasn't recovery from getting wisdom teeth pulled. That's next weekend. This weekend was housework and yardwork and Superbike Assen.

Storypost | 2007.06.10
An exhausting weekend

They say when you die everything you've seen and known flashes in front of your eyes (or, by some accounts, it's more of a montage). I'm not there yet, but at 25 it's kinda like that. Pretty much everyone came out to eat some yaki burgers and play soccer, kickball, and football. It was most enjoyable, as I do like sports.

Storypost | 2007.03.13
A weekend

A farewell to departing colleagues. Happy hour at Cozymel's.

Pacificos and Wii Sports. Bret and I settled for a tie on nine holes, with Ty a distant third. Courtney and Lorraine graced us with their presence. Even Connie and Carey dropped by to torment Redneck and show off the new glass.

Storypost | 2007.02.05
XLI II [r]

So yesterday was the Player's Sports Bar Super Bowl shindig. It was all you can eat, all you can drink for a modest $75. And in the event that either half's kickoff be returned for a touchdown, everyone would get their money back and ten g's would be up for grabs in the raffle.
As it turns out, the opening kickoff was returned for a touchdown. At that point it didn't matter the color of your jersey, we all cheered for free food and drink.
Our crew of nine arrived at noon to begin the seven-hour, lifespan-shortening orgy of food and drink. One individual made it his personal goal to expand the bartender's repertoire upon learning that they 'might' have the proper ingredients for a mudslide. His subsequent orders included a rumrunner, tokyo tea, and grateful dead. Apparently both the bartender and waitress derived passing amusement from having to research each concoction.
Another enterprising individual appointed himself the sportsbook and took, um, imaginary bets. I won all of mine: