Battles [r]

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Adhesives [s]

Having finished the terrace, I'm on to the next childproofing/renovation project. I replaced a rotting wood deck railing with adult-spaced steel cable years ago. I spaced them at 6" so that adding another set of wires would bring the gap down to the prescribed 3".

Pre-omicron [r]

Rewind 19 months:

Squadrons [r]

I'm a few hours/levels into Squadrons and I'm pretty happy with it so far.

P-games only [s]

Cattle's xmas Steam gift this year was Pako - Car Chase Simulator. It had me pretty well captivated for my first two-hour session. I think I worked out a little bit of strategy:

Some improvements [m]

A couple small changes that are fairly evident below: I created an about page and a list of lists.