Pinhole photography park

So SFS got me a P-Sharan pinhole camera. It was a fun two hour construction, and it handles rolls of 135 gloriously.

Pinhole photography

It's a struggle to hold the camera still (braced) for the 3-20 second exposure times since it's light, cardboard, and held together by rubber bands.

Pinhole photography people

I took the sb800 around with me. I shot at 1/2 power, afraid of blowing out bright objects. Nope, looks like full flash is just fine, dragged shutter of course.

Pinhole photography face

I'm enjoying it, time to rummage for some more unexposed rolls.

Pinhole photography garage

Plaster City California dirt biking hill view

I had the rolls of film from dirt biking and Connie's ceremony developed.


Very pretty, Connie.