Dogs playing weimaraner chau funny expression

Shar is over for the week.

Qualcomm box Petco park

The Padres wrecked LA tonight, we got to watch from the box.

Since I don't have their embedded scripting and my web host won't support scripts, there's not commenting. Except by email.


WhoTF is Shar? Good looking dog. Stupid coast rules, I want a dog. Your cryptic explanations for why I cannot comment directly to your post still elude me. Dumbs it downs some.


Shar is Corey's dog. Who needs a dog at home when you have a penguin at work? Blogger decided to drop support for ftp (publishing on not blogspot). So I had to move my site off their service.


This year I got on in the Manbird Invitational. C-Note Five Bill's Top Shelf Chili With Rectum Fyre didn't do well. Next year will be different, I will bring PC12303. It is an extremely potent chili and doesn't waste good steak and bacon on unrefined palates. I will not bring Seared Esophagus. They are not ready for Seared Espohagus.

Cactus was popular. So was eastern fusion. Iced chili didn't meet a positive reception.

Sunsail backyard pool

The sun sail came, with some help I put it up. Less leaves in the pool this afternoon, no difference in sunlight reaching the water. I'm thinking of getting two triangular ones to complete the effect.

I ran a steel rope from the deck across the yard. It'll be a good mounting point for the other shades, and maybe I can find led lanterns.

Chili cookoff Budweiser can


Sargent seat Ducati 900SS

My aftermarket seat arrived today. Shipped from Vegas by ebay seller itshot, response and turnaround time was great.

Of course it's nicer and newer than my weathered stock part. The look is a bit more in line with other bikes I've ridden - more seat less saddle. So while not as sleek it'll be more comfortable. The black finish is great with the bike, I suppose the weave portion is meant to match carbon finish, of which I have ample.

There's a bit more gap between the fairings and the seat, but nothing unreasonable.

Sargent seat motorcycle Ducati 900SS




Monaco is pretty awesome, but nothing beats the double rainbow of F1 and MotoGP Laguna. The Red Bull slap fight will no doubt continue, but on a course that won't be unkind to the McLarens. Maybe Schumi can step it up at his home GP. Yep, now that Webber and Vettel are bickering there are no more likeable characters capable of taking the checkered.


And Rossi is back, maybe not in total 'screw-dirt-passing form, but enough to mount a serious challenge. With Hayden figuring out the subpar Desmo and Spies getting new Yamaha parts, the Americans might have a showing. But money has to be on Pedrosa who is finally looking consistent.

I have two things on the way. First is a sun sail for the backyard - green rather than beige. I plan to string it up over the pump and shallow end of the pool. That'll deflect some falling leaves and have little impact on sunlight hitting the pool.

The Duc's seat is pretty well worn so I ordered a replacement from Sargent. It's guaranteed more comfortable than the oe, maybe nice enough to take a spontaneous Monterey trip on Friday. It is motorsport weekend 2010 after all.

Dog weimaraner bandana


you don t have comments on your blog, so i gotta email you to tell you that you need to prune that basil so it doesn t flower.


Somebody should have thought of that a decade ago when he bought me site hosting sans script support. Funneling emails to the html generator works pretty well and there's no possibility for captcha fail.


Squares World Cup 2010

I watched the Cup at Players. The place is good for sports and they had plenty of Dutch brews, but the management is just a pain. Cover cost a Hamilton, no specials, lots of annoying signs indicating seats could not be saved, and Ty got turned away because the place was at capacity by the twentieth minute.

Squares were played, though not quite as elaborately as Super Bowl. Exciting match, and ended in proper overtime, not pks.

World Cup 2010 Players Sports Bar

The camera on the Jet/Galaxy is pretty bad.

The plantlife is doing well, particularly the bamboo.

I have a chiminea. Jes got it for me.