Blind Lady Ale House Cape Run 2012 after run crowd pizza

Today was the Blind Lady Ale House pub run; BLAH -> Small Bar -> Tiger Tiger -> Toronado -> BLAH. Apparently they expected a dozen be-caped participants, but received quite a few more. Not getting wristbands/tees wasn't the worst thing in the world, it was a good crowd.

Blind Lady Ale House Cape Run 2012 high five

Probably the biggest high five fail ever.

Home brew beer Porter Rico bottles counter carboy pot

And I bottled Porter Rico last week.


Homebrew heater setup carboy

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Porter Rico. This coconut coffee porter is probably going to be a horrendous failure since it's my first brew, but I'm optimistic. Flavoring one's first beer isn't the smartest idea, but I've never claimed to be smart.

The interwebs were all over the place on flavoring technique, so I went for a subtle combination of three ostensibly successful strategies.
Maybe one or two of these approaches will render the desired flavor, I doubt they will be too strong. The brew is, in fact, fermenting, so it's a good start.

If it works out, there'll be an awesome Porter Rico/Puerto Rico tasting/game night in early February.

Twilight Imperium board poker table fire Christmas

Oh games. Oh Twilight Imperium. In a nutshell:
Twilight Imperium homeworld game tiles

It's a long game, but rewarding. Way more rewarding than the last A&A:1940 match that reavled Sealion can be conducted by sending fighters from West Germany due to the new airfield rule.

Dogs weimaraner chau beach playing splash

A little while back Shar and Kaf splashed around at dog beach.