Dog weimaraner puppy attentive

Today I actually put in some effort into dog photos, not that I need any more up here but Connie made me do it. So I switched up lenses, flashes, filters, and backdrops. The yellow filter seemed to work the best for black and whites. I tried a wide range of poses...

Dog weimaraner puppy edited


Dog weimaraner puppy cute


Dog weimaraner puppy derpy look black and white monochrome


Dog weimaraner puppy running grainy motion blur dark


Dog weimaraner puppy

Looking up.


Christine has been waiting for more photos. Not wild about the terminator filter photos.


He doesn't wear a stupid hat like Goofy! The nibbling has diminished a bit but I'm sure he'd make an exception for you.

Is he still nibbling on people hands??

Much better CR!! Kafey does look like a Goofey. I still think you shoulda named him Goofey. Love the photos of the little tyke!


Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition macro figures

A&A finally arrived. It took two days to get from Texas to LA and ten days to get from LA to SD. That's a bit late to throw down with the sappers, but I might catch them on the north side. There are hints of Rob and Lanes, some other interest has been expressed, and Sam grew anxious has he and I set up the big board whilst verbally tweeting about recent events.

Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition figures Russia macro

1. Defend Russia.
2. ???
3. Profit!


Dog weimaraner puppy cat toy

The weekend featured a distinct increase in temperature.

Some of Saturday and Sunday entailed moving Jes out of her LA place and into her SD place. It was fairly painless as far as moves go. I'd even assert that if she left all the unnecessary stuff (plants) in a dumpster we probably could have fit everything in three rolling suitcases.

Dog weimaraner puppy cat stare down

Of course this meant Kafka got to meet Kim, they have an icy relationship, but perhaps she'll warm up to the pup as time goes by. Little Kaffy had a stimulating weekend, he got to hang out with Jessica's childhood dog, most of his kin, and the many attendees of Brian's excellent seven eleven party. Then today he got his first swim lesson. It may be awhile before he paddles out with me, but he's doing okay with water.

I have a superb addition to the CR Yellow Pages. I snagged some camembert and a specialty NorCal cheese from Venissimo. It didn't last long as Sophie, Nicole, ScottD, and I ate ourselves silly.


Pool drinks glass terrible idea

4 July was as it should be. Steak and chicken on the grill, libations aplenty, the sun above, water below, friends, dog, fireworks. Poker into the late night.

Bottle rocket firework pool night long exposure

Bottle rocket long exposure pool

Some of these were expertly captured by Arthur.

Weimaraner puppy dog playing poker

More people/poker/dog:

Connie nabbed my camera for a few of these.