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Back in action. Not sure what they did, but my Flickr login stopped working a year ago and I haven't gotten around to fixing things. They're still hosting my old images, but it could just be a matter of time. To do:
On the lighter side, here are some triptychs of Kaf-dog eating Scooby snacks off his nose.

Weimaraner dog treat nose trick fast shutter


Kauai Hawaii Na Pali Coast Kalalau Trail cliffs ocean scenic

Five days on Oahu, three days on Kauai. Ty was kind enough to put me up on his futon, fry me linguicas in the morning, and be an all-around pal; like old times. Ninety minutes after my arrival, the Volcom Pipeline Pro final heat was on, so we booked it to the north shore to catch some excellent wave riding.

Hawaii Oahu Northshore Pipeline Pro 2014 break

It was a good day for waves. Not the biggest all tourney, but enough to put on quite a spectacle.

I didn't have the right lens for the job, but why not snap a few? The d700 shoots 4256px, so these are cropped to half of that, then resized half to fit the web. I realized later that I have two polarizers and the crappier one was on my 105mm, so the sharpness is not quite there. That doesn't explain the large black specs on each frame though, this does:

Hawaii Oahu Northshore Pipeline Pro 2014 gopro quadrotor drone

That would be the super-high-tech drone technology: gopro strapped to a quadrotor. Here's another where it's hovering above the beach.

Hawaii Oahu Northshore Pipeline Pro 2014 beach

Kelly won it, then Ty and I went to grab beers while the traffic died down.

The next few days were a pleasant melange of cuisine, brews, sweating, swimming, busting balls, and walking around town.

Next up was a hop to Kava'i to pick up an awesome print(source) and hike the Kalalau Trail.

Kauai Hawaii Na Pali Coast Kalalau Trail cliffs ocean scenic

The trail snakes up and down the sheer cliffs of the northern Na Pali coast, so it's fairly rigorous but affords some spectacular views. Here I had my good polarizer because water.

Kauai Hawaii Na Pali Coast Kalalau Trail cliffs water

The trail wasn't as treacherous as I had expected. There were a few parts where it was important to be careful (one depicted above) and maybe worth avoiding in the rain.

Kauai Hawaii Na Pali Coast Kalalau Trail cliffs ocean beach

After eleven miles Kalalau Beach is a welcome sight (random internet source says the total elevation change is 5,000'). The beach had a nice shoulder-high shorebreak that was great for bodysurfing.