Dog Seger and I spent a few hours on the road this weekend, making the standard Christmas journey.

Ducati balaclava and baklava

Ducati baklava, Ducati balaclava.

Ninja tacks office supplies

They also stick in ceiling tiles.

Flag football tee whiteboard jersey

Equipment for season two of the flag football league.

Dog weimaraner roomba puzzled

'Can it be jtagged?' asks Kafka.

Fantasy finals:
Dog weimaraner car sunset


Dog weimaraner running park night multiple exposure

I turned a late night park trip into a photo session.

Dogs playing chau weimaraner expressive

And Shar was over recently.

Oh and laser eyes.

The d'dogs in a d'bathtub charged into the Gridiron semi-finals against Cheryl's best-ever 11-2 team. The d'pwners are top seed in the League of Gentlemen. Waivers are pretty desolate, so the only big decisions will be what defenses to start. One round from the championship in two of four leagues ain't so bad.

Dog weimaraner expression playing chau wrestling