Char broil grill backyard surfboards bbq

The first Leaguie awards were after Sunday's championship. Erik hosted.

And Jeff ended up in the drink.

Toyota Tacoma 2001 base white truck
I now have three vehicles averaging 180.6 hp and 2.3 wheel drive.

US patent plaque CPAT
The ancient patent app finally went through.


E3 2011 booth babe sniper rifle yesscope head shot

Productivity first. The deck is nearly complete. Five long planks and a handful of short ones are left, as well as urethane coats, a step, and some trim. Most importantly the railing is in, along with the new support for the upper area.

Deck bamboo pool yard

J and I took the train to LA for E3.

Of course MW3 was the hotness. Nvidia seems to be pushing parabolic displays. They aren't so impressive for rpgs, but having terrain fly by the edges of your vision conveys speed better than any big lcd tv can.

E3 2011 Forza Motorsport 4 Ferrari booth

And there were a couple of parties this month.