Storypost | 2016.09.04


Snow Eagle Brewery Idaho Beaver Dick Ale

Idaho Falls was pretty mellow. We got a few rounds of Snow Eagle's Beaver Dick and executed on a project goal of obtaining the giant guiness cup from The Celt.

Drinking out of giant novelty Guiness
LoS footgolf

Panorama footgolf Tecolote Canyon

I didn't take the slr, but got a few caps from the League of Sport Footgolf event at Tecolote Canyon. Cooley made it out, Chase sported a vest, Erik dressed the part of eccentric Texan billionaire. We had to fish more than one ball out of the stream, but everyone shot a pretty good 18.

Footgolf carts Footgolf playing from the rough Red Card Cafe patent art

Erik and I stopped by Red Card Cafe on the way back for some grub and El Super Clasico.
Pandemic Legacy

Our work game is Pandemic Legacy. It's a twelve month campaign on a famously impossible boardgame. While cruel, the rpg elements add considerable depth and fun to the experience.

Ducati Supersport 50k miles odometer

The Duc hit a milestone.

Oahu hillside yoga deck Oahu airbnb kitchen

Jessica's roomies were doing a party house segment to their Hawaiian honeymoon, so we went. We flew in a couple days early and stayed at a rural hippie airbnb with a yoga deck and chicken coup.

We were supposed to be catching the end and beginning of two tropical storms that had been downgraded from hurricanes. There was a bit more wind and rain than usual.

On Thursday we did a snorkel/snuba boat trip on the west side of the island. That and some other stuff had us wanting a mellow evening so we went into town for Thai food that turned into Mexican food.

Oahu boat trip Oahu shore horizon

Friday morning we awoke on California time to find a half dozen wild pigs grazing on the property. The young'uns were curious, the mom was cagey. We watched them, flanked by the two resident cats who looked emboldened by having larger creatures on their side.

We took advantage of our early schedule to hike out to the albatross santuary on the northwest tip of the island. The opposite of Na Pali, it was flat and easy going with no cover. The birds seemed to all be hiding from the strong winds, but we did meet a large seal. On the way back we found a miniture version of Queen's Bath and did some swimming.

thumbnail Oahu north shore hike thumbnail Oahu north shore hike thumbnail Oahu north shore hike Kaena point white beach
thumbnail Oahu north shore hike Kaena point waves
thumbnail Oahu north shore hike thumbnail Oahu north shore hike Kaena point thumbnail Oahu north shore hike Kaena point seal
thumbnail Oahu north shore hike structures thumbnail Oahu north shore hike Kaena point dish thumbnail Oahu north shore hike Kaena point grass

Panorama Oahu hike

JC surf Oahu

The old sugar mill had been converted to a semi-touristy market. We stopped by for a chemex pour of some local brew. An adjacent building in the dirt lot bore the JC surfboard logo so we strolled over to see where the shaping magic happened. JC looked deserted, but next to it was Pyzel where they were doing some shaping. The guy came out to say hi.

Panorama North Shore Oahu view balcony

After packing up and saying goodbye to the cats, we headed for the north shore where Stef had rented a beach house situated between some snorkel coves and the stretch of beach that hosts Pipeline, Backdoor, Off The Wall, etc.

thumbnail Oahu north shore beach thumbnail Oahu north shore beach thumbnail Oahu north shore patio thumbnail Oahu north shore patio
thumbnail Oahu north shore beach

As I'd seen before, the neighborhood is pretty unique. It's a patchwork of residents and rental properties that attract the surfing elite when the north shore is going off. Lots of jet skis waiting for November.

thumbnail Oahu trees thumbnail Oahu hike thumbnail Oahu hike pillbox view thumbnail Oahu hike pillbox view
thumbnail Oahu trees thumbnail Oahu hike pillbox view thumbnail Oahu hike flying kick
thumbnail Oahu hike pillbox thumbnail Oahu hike trees

Of course, this was September, so there was a strong shorebreak but not much else. Well, Banzai was still breaking overhead when we checked it out after hiking pillbox. Being kooks with rental wavestorms, we decided against paddling out there.

We did go out at Laniakea, but it was pretty stormy. There was no vis in the cove (so much for assembling the underwater housing) and when I traded out for a leashless wavestorm, I had a lonnnnnng paddleout.

Luau pineapple

Jessica was pretty much obligated to luau on her first Hawaii trip, so we went down to Germaine's. It was pretty normal for a luau, if maybe a bit more theatrical. But they had delicious pig.

Afternoon flights on Sunday meant we had time to check out the blow hole outside the house and then go get tossed around by the shorebreak.

Hawaiian Airlines Oakland Raiders plane

Football is back. Drafts, power rankings, trash talk. Still going off of Greedydraft although some may be wise to it - I've seen Gostkowski and the Seahawks go insanely early this season.

Medieval Gridiron d'ogs of war
Position Player Round
QB Aaron Rodgers 2
RB1 Todd Gurley K (4)
RB2 Jamaal Charles 1
WR1 Marvin Jones 6
WR2 Sterling Shepard 8
Flex Latavius Murray 3
TE Coby Fleener 5
D/ST Seattle 9
K Dan Bailey 12
Bench/RB Isaiah Crowell 7
Bench/RB DeAndre Washington 10
Bench/D/ST New York Jets 11
Bench/WR Kenny Britt 13

Medieval Gridiron Champions League d'Brickachamps
Position Player Round
QB Cam Newton 3
RB1 David Johnson 2
RB2 Doug Martin 5
WR1 Odell Beckham Jr 1
WR2 Sammy Watkins 6
Flex Jordan Reed 4
TE Coby Fleener 7
D/ST Indianapolis 15
K Stephen Gostkowski 11
P Mat McBriar 16
Bench/RB Latavius Murray 8
Bench/WR T.Y. Hilton 9
Bench/RB Jeremy Hill 10
Bench/WR Josh Gordon 12
Bench/QB Ben Roethlisberger 13
Bench/RB DeAngelo Williams 14

Password is Taco d'ogs of war
Position Player Round
QB Ben Roethlisberger 5
RB1 Todd Gurley 1
RB2 LeSean McCoy 2
WR1 Demaryius Thomas 4
WR2 Allen Hurns 7
Flex Doug Martin 3
TE Delanie Walker 6
D/ST Kansas City 10
K Graham Gano 9
Bench/WR John Brown 8
Bench/WR Markus Wheaton 11
Bench/RB DeAndre Washington 12
Bench/TE Richard Rodgers 13
Bench/RB James Starks 14
Bench/D/ST Dallas 15